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Through transformational retreats, respite travel planning, and coaching, I help overwhelmed high-achieving moms guiltlessly prioritize self-care. It's time to get clear on what you need in order to maximize your productivity and gain inner peace.

Tawanna B. Smith

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I organized, threw crap away and my self-care meter shot up 20%
So let me get straight to the point on this. After our family vacay to Florida, my husband tasked himself[...]
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How to Maintain Your Business and Self When Life Throws You Lemons
The following text is a transcript from the live video podcast. How  are  you?  Well,  I  am  excited  to  be  here  today  because  you  know  what  it  feels  like  a  normal  day.   But  we're  going  to  talk  about  that  in  a  second.   I  want  to  introduce  myself  to  you  because  it  feels  like  I  haven't  been  here  in  awhile  and  you  may  not  know  me.  My  name  is Tawanna B. Smith  and  I  usually  (before  life  decided  to  throw  me  some  lemons)  I  would come  on  to  this  platform  and  I  would  broadcast.  I  broadcast  about  self -care  and  broadcast  about  travel.   So  I  am  talking  to  my  people,  my  tribe  across  various  platforms  about traveling  for  selfcare  as  a  mom,  as  a  caregiver,  but  also,  you  know,  building  a  self  care  practice  for  yourself  for  various  reasons.  Whether  it's  to  support  you  in  your  business,  whether  it's  to  support  you  in  your  life,  whether  it's  support  you  in  a  relationship. That mantra. I've[...]

I learned more about myself and experienced a transformation as a result of Tawanna's retreat. I'm clear on my purpose and I feel like my life is anew.

Christie Glascoe

Mom of 2, Author & Writer

This [retreat] was exactly what I needed in my life. I returned energized, charged and equipped with what I need to focus more on: me.

Sili Recio

Sili Recio

Mom of 1, Activist & Social Media Manager

Travel for Self-care. Join the Movement.

It's time for you to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual self-care. Join me for an exclusive online event about the benefits of Transformational Retreats: