17 Habits and Planning Ideas for Moms In Life and Business

17 Habits and Planning Ideas for Moms In Life and Business

As moms, it’s not only important that we actively set smart goals in our business and our lives but that we revisit them periodically.

Habits and Planning for Moms in Business

Because of the nature of who we are, this means that we need to develop strong habits and plans in order to do so.

I talk about 17 of those habits (or planning ideas) in the video below:

Prefer to read? Keep reading below for a quick synopsis.

Make it Count

For enterprising moms who want fulfillment and a sense of achievement, as well as purpose, it’s important that we focus on the things that count the most.

I think that it’s imperative that we set goals in all areas of our life and that we work to do more with less. (I explain what I mean by this in the video).

Personally, I’m a fan of sticking to regimens and schedules. I also like to plan out as much as possible so that I have some sort of framework for organizing my day-to-day life.

1. Pat yourself on the back when you stick to things

Hey! We reward our kids all the time when they do good. Why don’t we do more of that for ourselves?

I’d say that we’re worth it.

And I’m not talking about rewarding yourself on your birthday or Mother’s Day or Christmas. Set up a reward framework for yourself throughout the year.

  • If you stick to this regimen for X amount of days, you get this reward.
  • If you are successful in achieving Y, you get that reward.

Frequent and specific rewards for things that we really want help with self-motivation.

When I started my post-pregnancy weight loss journey, I would reward myself with cheat meals. When I was over the novelty of that (and craving fewer cheat foods), I would reward myself with clothes or wine.

You decide what really motivates you and set the timeline for delivering your reward.

Tips: Do not wait for someone else to do this for you. Do not expect a partner or spouse to pat you on the back with a gift. Pat your own self on the back for a job well done!

2. Get Help

You can’t do it all. Why try?

Here are the kinds of people that you may need in your life to help you with the growing demands of motherhood and/or running your own business:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Babysitter
  • House cleaner
  • Grocery delivery service

3. Less is More

Particularly when it comes to our digital diets, the less we have, the more we have.

The fewer distractions we have from our cell phones, the more time we will find in our life. When I put my phone down for some reason I find that I have all this extra time.

Here are snippets of other ideas I discuss in the video:

  1. Service to your family first.
  2. Focus on productivity habits.
  3. Develop solid life habits and stick to them
  4. Get a good night’s rest.
  5. Use technology to your advantage.
  6. Journal and read like your sanity depends upon it.
  7. Schedule quiet time periodically.
  8. Create weekly or monthly progress reports.
  9. Evaluate the systems you have in place which help you get things done.
  10. Use vision boards to help you visualize and remind of your goals.
  11. Practice agility when you use planners.
  12. Develop a regimen for mind, body, and spirit.
  13. Meditate daily.
  14. Exercise regularly.

Work it Out

You can do this! In the video, I give you a lot to think about.

It’s a lot of what I think about all the time.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, you just need quiet time to sit with yourself and do some self-work.

Habits and Planning for Moms

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What do you think are some of your strongest habits?

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