Overcoming Apathy and Getting Out of a Funk - 3 Mindset Tips |

Overcoming Apathy and Getting Out of a Funk – 3 Mindset Tips

A Devotional’s Standpoint on Overcoming Apathy

Apathy almost always stems from the fear that says, “if I try one more time, I might fail so I won’t try.” Basically, apathy isn’t much more than a guess at the future. You know how we overcome apathy? Real enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gets its roots from the Greek language as ‘en theos’, meaning “in God, being possessed by God, or even being filled with God’s spirit.”

So, if apathy stems from our human guess at the future, then real enthusiasm comes from God’s facts about His presence…So if you’re overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, don’t give up. Come close to God. Trust Him because He is close to you and he loves to topple Giants [such as apathy].

My 2 cents about Apathy

What I would add to this is when we become apathetic, we presume that things won’t change. But they do change.

Overcoming Apathy Philosophy of Change

As the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus says in regards to change is that life is like a river. It has peaks and troughs, pits and swirls, much like nature which flows onwards.

Each moment in life is different from the last. It is always changing…much like a river where you never step in the exact same water.

Just like a river, every situation in our life is but a moment in time. No longer how long it lingers, eventually it passes.

As a caregiver, I understand how long the journey can be where it feels like nothing will ever change. It does.

One way or another.

Tips for Overcoming Apathy

To help you overcome apathy, I have a few suggestions that have worked for me especially as I’ve had to manage big disruptions in my life.

  1. Fight the feeling! If you have the blessing of another day, you have an opportunity to change the situation you’re facing.
  2. Talk things out. Find a friend, a therapist, a life coach or strategist. You want someone who will not only listen to you but also give you sound ideas to move forward.
  3. Take care of yourself. Specifically, check in with your emotional and mental self-care. This will equip you with what you need to make a shift.

Mindset is Everything

overcoming apathy_mindset

Fundamentally, overcoming apathy is a shift in your mindset. It takes drive, determination, and will to pull yourself out of a static state.

Although doing nothing feels good it only serves to take you down a deep dark hole called depression.

To overcome apathy you have you to change something.

Things change only when you act and believe that things can change. Action (or better yet, being in motion) helps you to keep pushing forward.

That motion is ultimately what elevates you and helps you in your goal of overcoming apathy.

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