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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Prioritize Your Self-care

A rainy Saturday evening inspired me to ask several professional friends, “how do you prioritize your self-care?” Unsurprisingly, they all had varying answers. Coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, self-care looked different for each of them. Reason 1:  There’s an imbalance in your self-appreciation One of the more interesting conversations born out of the responses […]

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Overcoming Apathy and Getting Out of a Funk – 3 Mindset Tips

A Devotional’s Standpoint on Overcoming Apathy Apathy almost always stems from the fear that says, “if I try one more time, I might fail so I won’t try.” Basically, apathy isn’t much more than a guess at the future. You know how we overcome apathy? Real enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gets its roots from the Greek language […]

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