4 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness in Nature and Life

4 Tips for Hurricane Preparedness in Nature and Life

Hurricane preparedness

As the East Coast prepared for Hurricane Florence I thought about the figurative hurricanes we sometimes prepare for in life.

Hurricane preparedness is crucial in both nature and life if we are to survive deadly storms.

What I know is that as we go through significant life challenges we look at reality through a different lens.

When we prepare for a natural hurricane, instinctively we gather all the things that are most valuable to us. Likewise, as we deal with a storm in life, we drown out the noise and focus on the people and things most important to us.

Here are a few other tips on how to prepare for both hurricanes in nature and hurricanes in life.

1. Hurricane preparation and planning are key for coming out on top.

Hurricane preparedness checklist

Most of the time we get fair warning when a storm is on its way. In a state of emergency, we don’t do ourselves any favor by sitting around doing nothing. We’d also be ill-advised to pack up and run without some sort of game plan.

The best way to go is to quickly look at our options, strategize, and set a course of action for the best chances of survival.

Understanding how to manage disruptions in our lives and seeing them for what they are (temporary interruptions) will take us a long way in getting through them.

2. Gathering research and taking expert advice could be the difference between life and death

hurricane preparedenss research

One of the benefits of being a human today is that very little of what we go through is new.

Hurricanes have been around for eons. And many illnesses or diseases have been with man for centuries. Simply put, others have been here before and can provide us with valuable input on decisions that help to save lives.

If we research hurricane preparedness or “how to prepare for a category 3 storm” we can find answers in order to make the necessary preparations.

By the same token we can seek out expert advice on illness, disease, self-care, divorce, autism, etc. to better support us in personal storms. Taking that extra step to get an idea of what lies ahead and how to handle specific challenges can make a significant difference in our lives.

3. Contingency plans are possible once we’ve done our research and gathered expert advice

Hurricane preparedness traffic

The most prudent among us may ask questions like:

  • What are the options if gas station #1 runs out of gas?
  • Where do we go if supermarket #2 no longer has water?
  • Where do we go if Highway L is flooded or Highway B is jammed?
  • What do we do if we lose it all?

In terms of life we may ask:

  • What are our options if the first treatment plan doesn’t work?
  • What other resources can we look into for care?
  • How will we adjust if one person in the household has to give up work to support the family emotionally?
  • (God forbid) what do we do if someone dies?

As hard as these questions are it is only wise on our part to consider contingencies when a storm is on the horizon.

4. Supply lists are our best friend for hurricane preparedness

Hurricane preparedness supplies

Typically a hurricane supply list includes items such as:

  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • water
  • sandbags
  • canned goods
  • bread
  • non-perishable snacks
  • a battery charged-radio
  • candles

In life storms the list can represent the people we need in our lives to help us get through:

  • our pastor
  • a therapist/psychologist
  • out friends
  • a babysitter
  • an errand service
  • a maid/house cleaner
  • a personal trainer
  • a virtual assistant

The “supply list” plays a pivotal role in storm survival.

I think most humans are idealistic when it comes to hurricanes. Few people go into a storm believing that the worst is actually going to happen. It’s one of the reasons why people often stay put in their homes during a hurricane even after hearing expert warnings to evacuate.

Though we know the worst is possible, we don’t want to assume that the worst is going to happen. However, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare.

A survivalist mindset helps us to get through storms of nature and storms of life. For true hurricane preparedness, our goals must be: to do research, heed expert advice, create contingency plans, draw up supply lists and use all these things in tandem to bring us out on the other side.

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