What Seeds of Success are you Sowing in Life and Business?

What Seeds of Success are you Sowing in Life and Business?

Seeds must be planted for anything to grow

In this video I discuss sowing seeds of success into your life and your business.

It’s a bit of #MondayMotivation that you can use any day of the week.

Well, it can look like actions that you take with your spouse, your children, your friendships, your health, your spirituality, etc.

Ultimately, what we do today has an affect on what we get tomorrow.

planting seeds

Some seeds sprout faster than others. Some turn into bigger trees than others. Sometimes we sow too many seeds at once.

And sometimes we sow bad seeds that need to be uprooted.

Everyday is a new chance to make a change.

Our responsibility is to:

  • plant the right seeds in the first place
  • make sure that we check on them routinely
  • water the seeds consistently
  • invest in new plant food to help our plants continue to grow

What seeds of success are you planting?

It can be challenging to recognize whether today’s actions are moving us in the right direction. This is why some of the most successful leaders have trusted allies to help guide them.

I personally need someone on the outside looking in, to challenge me.

Aside from a third-party I try to ask myself: “Is this thing that I’m doing here going to help me or hurt me? Is it going to move me forward?”

Having that internal conversation helps me to evaluate my seeds. It’s me being introspective.

Meditating, journaling, and being silent are part of that introspective process.

 Think about your seeds today. What are you planting?

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