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Federal Employees’ Self-care During Longest Government Shutdown

Federal employees’ self-care during the longest government shutdown in U.S. history is not something to be ignored. Aside from the real financial toll, the shutdown is taking on the lives of 800,000 employees and their families, it is imperative that we also consider the mental ramifications and how self-care may support many of us furloughed workers at this time.

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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Prioritize Your Self-care

A rainy Saturday evening inspired me to ask several professional friends, “how do you prioritize your self-care?” Unsurprisingly, they all had varying answers. Coming from diverse backgrounds and professions, self-care looked different for each of them. Reason 1:  There’s an imbalance in your self-appreciation One of the more interesting conversations born out of the responses […]

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7 Lies About Self-care People Will Tell You

Lies about Self-care The proliferation of self-care content these past few years has wielded a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s brought to the forefront just how much people are struggling. Yet, it has also created a factor of commercialization which stresses out groups of people who furthermore believe: a.) self-care isn’t for them […]

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Overcoming Apathy and Getting Out of a Funk – 3 Mindset Tips

A Devotional’s Standpoint on Overcoming Apathy Apathy almost always stems from the fear that says, “if I try one more time, I might fail so I won’t try.” Basically, apathy isn’t much more than a guess at the future. You know how we overcome apathy? Real enthusiasm. Enthusiasm gets its roots from the Greek language […]

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