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Be a Beast about Self-care like Beyoncé

self-care like Beyonce Coachella performance
Beyonce during 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella

Last Sunday I watched Beyonce’s Homecoming with my sister. I sat in admiration and awe of this woman’s work. The documentary about her Coachella-headlining experience and the creative process that she underwent in order to deliver a historical show are nothing short of aspiring.

What struck me the most was this woman’s work ethic when it comes to her self-care.

Self-care like Beyoncé

She gave us a glimpse into her beast-like discipline: 12+ hour rehearsal days, intense workouts, radical diet change, spiritual devotion, and keeping connected to her family. These were just a few of the factors that helped her to achieve her goals.

What she shows is that self-care is not necessarily easy. It is a discipline.

self-care like Beyonce_post pregnancy workout

It takes discipline for us to be our best. Now granted, Beyonce’s goal was to repair her body mentally, emotionally, and physically in time for her Coachella performance (which was a few short months away) but we should all set time-sensitive self-care goals to help us speed up the process.

And I’m not talking about just losing weight for the next trip. It’s about getting ourselves in mental, physical, and emotional tip-top shape for the everyday performances and challenges we face.

It’s also not just about doing one or two things here and there that make us feel good.

It’s about doing the tough required work that helps us stretch and grow to be the best version of ourselves.

Self-care like Beyoncé is an illustration of what being your best looks like. We can all agree that it takes discipline for us to be our best. Therefore, by mathematical deduction:

Self-care = Discipline

Last week in Annapolis I spoke about boundaries at a women’s event. As we were wrapping up, one woman asked me specifically how could she address her self-care with all the demands in her life as a business owner, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a wife.

self-care like Beyonce_speaking about Boundaries
Leading Ladies Speakers Event – Annapolis, MD Photo courtesy: Bethany Swain

After sharing with her a snippet of my personal story for context, I told her straight-up “self-care takes discipline. If you don’t approach it with that mindset, you will be inconsistent.

Discipline will guide your decisions. Your decisions will influence your daily actions. As you set up and clean up your day, having specific self-care routines in place can make a difference to your state of being.

Take, for instance, when we want to lose weight to fit into that sexy bathing suit for an upcoming vacation, we practice athlete-like discipline to meet a short-term goal. However, we should take that same approach in all areas of our self-care, every day of our life. Not just when we’re going off to some fancy destination.

The performance of your life

self-care like Beyonce life performance

Think of your self-care as a form of preparation because you never know what kind of performance life will require of you. You want to be prepared to meet life challenges head-on when they come your way because let me tell you, girl, life throws you lemons.

I am a testimony to that! If I had not developed self-care routines for myself prior to my husband getting sick, prior to my youngest son getting sick, prior to that same child being diagnosed with autism, I would be a different person than I am today. I certainly wouldn’t be the level woman that many of you know.

I say all of this to challenge and encourage you. How serious are you really about your self-care? Is it just some catchall phrase or do you want it to be a seamless way of life that supports and empowers you in all that you do?

As Beyoncé notes in her own journey, it starts with the mind.

Take a stand for yourself. Nobody else is going to take a stand for you, like you will. I’m here to stand with you but YOU have to take that first step!

If you’re ready to stand tall for yourself with intention and discipline join me today in the Self-care Success Circle. I’m looking for strong serious women who understand discipline, aren’t afraid of beast mode, and who want to be the best they can be through effective daily actions. The Self-care success Circle is a 12-week training that covers four areas of self-care (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional) and includes videos, live calls, assessments, a private group, and accountability.

self-care success circle

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