The Self-care SOS
with Tawanna B. Smith

Is your self-care in distress? It's time for a life ring!


Tawanna practicing self-care through travel in Rupit, Spain.

The Self-care SOS is your lifesaver to assist you in starting a holistic self-care discipline to support you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


What you will Learn

  • How to start and set up your day for success using specific self-care practices that work for you. 
  • How to be more consistent with your self-care practice.
  • How to balance your self-care with your personal life and your work life.  
  • How you can use travel to support you with your self-care.

Your Investment

Strong Self-care Habits is Not Something you can Google

If you're ready to shift your mindset, abandon self-neglect, and release yourself from guilt, let's get you started today.

What you Get in the Program

  • 10 Self-care Videos to Jumpstart your self-care discipline
  • The Travel for Self-care Ebook
  • Private 90-minute Webinar on Balancing Your Self-care with Your Life


Tawanna shares a lot of good information and ideas to help me better deal with my time. 

Stacie M.

/Mom of Two


I love that Tawanna shares awareness of how to better take care of self. I definitely could use more time with her but everything I got was perfect. I'd definitely recommend her to my friends.

Isabella W.
Caregiver to Mom with Dementia


Tawanna offers such a diversity of self-care practices. I just love her energy and her knowledge. I really enjoyed the meditation time and journaling she shared.

Donna K.
Caregiver Mom, Brain Cancer & Downs

Tawanna B. Smith 

Tawanna B. Smith

Tawanna is a mindset coach, travel writer, and digital entrepreneur. She supports family caregivers, caregiver entrepreneurs, high-achieving women, and overwhelmed working moms who struggle with their mindset for self-care. Through coaching, workshops, online education, and travel, Tawanna provides systems, strategies and tools that provide women with the respite that they desperately need. Tawanna's mission is to get more women to say "yes" to themselves and their needs with less guilt.

Drawing from her own personal experience as the mother of a special needs child with a critical illness as well as a caregiver spouse, Tawanna knows firsthand how challenging it is for caregivers to fit self-care into their lives. While working as a travel writer for publications such as the Huffington Post, 10Best USA Today, Travel Channel, TripAdvisor, Tawanna realized the deeper power of travel as a self-care tool for moms.