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The Self-care Success Suite

Want to work on your self-care this year? Don’t know where or how to start? Need help defining what self-care looks like for you? Searching for accountability so that you don’t forget to prioritize your self-care?

Welcome to the Self-care Success Suite where you can choose your personal self-care path.

The Self-care Success Suite

Whether you need a little bit of support or a lot we have something for you.

All of the programs in the suite offer a few common basics:

  • a video component
  • exercises to work on your mindset
  • tools to build (then flex) your self-love muscle

Choose your self-care path below. Commit to creating a discipline that supports you in your health, happiness, relationships, and personal growth.

Click on the individual program below to learn more detailed information about what you get in the program and how you can get started TODAY.

Beginner – The Self-care SOS

This program is for the woman who wants to go at it alone. If you need a quick start and easily-implementable ideas at a low level of investment, choose The Self-care SOS.

Self-care S.O.S

Intermediate – The Self-care Jumpstart

The Self-care Jumpstart is for the stressed young woman, family caregiver, or overwhelmed working mom who understands the power of self-care but struggles with her discipline. You could benefit from an assessment and conversation to help you identify the exact strategies to support you with your personal goals and life challenges.

Choose The Self-care Jumpstart.

Self-care Jumpstart

Advanced – The Self-care Success Circle

The Self-care Success Circle is for high-achieving women who want in-depth mindset training, high-level strategy, twice a month phone calls and accountability with other like-minded women to help them stay consistent and intentional with their self-care discipline.

Join the club in The Self-care Success Circle.

The Self-care Success Circle

Need More Attention?

Let’s have a conversation if you believe one-on-one coaching is what you need. Fill out the application below: